PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION insulation is Safe in Fires

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PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION will not maintain a flame at a temperature below 1,200°F.  It requires more oxygen than is in the air to do so.  It will only smolder and char if exposed to a continuous flame.  Any fumes are of very low toxicity, leading to the claim from London’s Fire Chief “people are seven times less likely to die in a house fire where wool dominates compared to where synthetics dominate”.

Natural Wool Insulation is able to resist flame and does not easily ignite, due to its high nitrogen and water content. Because there is not enough oxygen in the air to
allow it to burn, wool will self-extinguish. Not only is wool flame retardant but it also does not emit noxious fumes nor melt or drip, all of which can be toxic to the lungs and skin.

The safety of Natural Wool is the reason why wool is chosen by the preservation, hospitality, and contract sector to use in public buildings, as well as being endorsed by fire protection services around the world.

That is the reason why wool carpet is the standard used in High-end Aircraft and Boat Carpets and Upholstery.

If your home does catch fire, you can rest assured that your family will not breathe in toxic fumes during the fire and our PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION won’t easily ignite.

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