Easy to Install

    • Natural Wool Insulation Benefits

Easy To Install

Installing PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION is an easy and safe process no matter if you do it yourself or thru a contractor, there is no risk involved in the installation of the product, no toxic off-gassing like Spray Foam, borax like Cellulose and other wool products or fiberglass particles suspended in the air.

PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION is manufactured into small balls to give it the elasticity that it needs to resist slumping. These small balls are designed to be blown into attics and walls, and because wool is a natural fiber, there is no need for any protective clothing, eye protection, or breathing apparatus during installation.

For the DIY  it can be blown with a common garden blower/vac.  For higher productivity for professional installers, commercial industrial blowers are excellent for installation.  Also reversing the vacuum pumps for sucking out old insulation is commonly used for blowing PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION in.

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