Improved R- Value Natural Wool Insulation

Years of experience and search of our Scientist Stephen Fookes  gave as result a unique natural wool product, our PUREWOOL 5825.

Natural Wool Insulation in batts and other similar wool isulation products were generating the same problem than regular insulation because it could shrink and compress over time even some of them were added with boric acid, product that has been banned in some european countries due to its harmful effects on health.

Pure Wool 5825 will not settle like many other forms of insulation, nor will it reduce its R-Value with changes in temperature or humidity.

Our PUREWOOL 5825 has an improved R-Value of 5.825 (Insulation Value) which is almost twoice the R-3.5 regular value in similar wool products, this results in a lot of savings in your power bills and more confort in your house all year long. We can say we developed a better solution with the same natural fiber.


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