Natural Wool Insulation Purifies Air

Natural Wool Insulation Purifies Air

Improved air Quality Pure Wool 5825

Pure Wool 5825 cleans the air. Its complex fiber structure absorbs and breaks down dangerous volatile organic compounds, such as Formaldehyde, in the atmosphere.  Pure Wool 5825 helps maintain a constant indoor temperature and humidity thereby maintaining a cleaner air.

Wool absorbs VOCs within its core permanently and will not release them, even when heated and can purify indoor air for up to 30 years.
Air pollution occurs when gases or particulate pollutants build up in indoor atmospheres without adequate air exchange. These volatile organic
compounds (or VOCs) can build up to harmful levels, thereby affecting human comfort and health.

There are three common gaseous indoor air pollutants with known adverse health effects. These are nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and formaldehyde (HCOH). Formaldehyde is found in fiberglass and has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. These gases are oftentimes present as a result of building materials, interior furnishings and household chemicals, heating systems and home appliances, and tobacco smoke.

The level of invisible contaminants directly impacts our and our family’s health, and is frequently the culprit behind respiratory illness; eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches; dizziness; and fatigue (EPA 2008).

A true-life example of wool’s air-purifying ability occurred when pure wool insulation was installed into five buildings that had formaldehyde concentrations that registered above 0.05ppm (The World Health Organization’s recommended level). Within 24 hours of installation, German researchers recorded that the formaldehyde concentrations had dropped below that level in all five buildings.

Wool also can help with allergies, as its microscopic scales trap dust until cleaned or vacuumed, thus making the indoor air cleaner to breathe. The fibers of wool are too long and coarse to be inhaled, and so wool will not irritate the respiratory system or trigger an allergic response. This aspect especially sets Paragon Wool Product’s pure wool insulation apart from its competitors, as it can be installed without the use of respiratory equipment, protective clothing, or gloves. Additionally, our pure wool insulation can be blown into areas on top of existing insulation without disturbance.

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