Lifetime Warranty

Pure Wool 5825 come with a lifetime warranty.  Because of its unique manufacturing technology its thermal and acoustic properties never lessen.  The use of wool as an insulator goes back thousands of years and is still significant in the health and wellness sector worldwide

Paragon Wool Product’s pure wool insulation maintains its resiliency due to its high bulk and elasticity. Resiliency is one of the main contributing factors to maintaining thermal efficiency over time. Because of the way that our knops (wool balls) are combed, our insulation does not compress or pack down like competing products, which experience R-value loss due to slumping. Our pure wool insulation is guaranteed to retain its thermal value for 50 years.

Paragon Wool Products loose pure wool insulation is a blend of live sheep’s and lamb’s wool. Because of their youth, the core of the lamb’s wool fiber has yet to fill in. This hollow core creates more air space, thereby providing a higher resistance to heat flow, or R-value.

Our patented manufacturing process combs the wool into balls, which gives the elasticity necessary for our insulation to resist compression and packing. Contrary to our competitors insulation which slumps over time, Paragon Wool Product’s Pure Wool Insulation actually expands, thereby guaranteeing that our loose pure wool insulation will retain its thermal value for 50 years.

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